Sunday, December 15, 2019

Get 20% cash back on Lyft rides when you pay with SoFi Money!!

***Update 2/19/20***  Sofi's 20% cashback on Lyft rides is dead

Awesome 20% cashback discount when you ride Lyft and pay with the Sofi Money card!!

Here’s how it works - Now you can earn 20% cashback every time you use your SoFi Money card to pay for any Lyft ride.
1) Don't have Sofi Money?  Create an account here:  ttps://sofi.com/share/money/2750674/
2) Don’t have Lyft? Download the app and create an account here https://lyft.com/i/JOHNNY427957.
3) Add your SoFi Money card to your Lyft account.
4) Set SoFi Money as your default payment. Tap the Payment tab and select your card in the Lyft app.
5) Start riding! As long as you pay for your Lyft ride with SoFi Money, you can earn 20% cashback.

My Lyft Referral link:  https://lyft.com/i/JOHNNY427957
My Sofi Referral link:  ttps://sofi.com/share/money/2750674/
Sofi-Lyft promotion Reference link:  https://www.sofi.com/money/lyft-offer/
Get 20% cashback on Lyft rides when you pay with SoFi Money.® The more you ride, the more you can earn—up to $1,000 back. Offer valid 11/20/19–2/18/20

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